ZOHO Analytics

GWC is pleased to announce that we now a Zoho Authorized Partner who can customize, integrate, and implement Zoho Analytics for any enterprise.


Zoho Analytics is a cloud-based reporting platform that integrates with APIs, databases, and data warehouses. It can turn raw data into dashboards, allowing users to quickly assess their performance. Any organisation can uncover finer insights faster with Zoho Analytics.

About ZOHO

Zoho is the operating system for business—a single online platform capable of running an entire business. With apps in nearly every major business category, including sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and back office operations, and an array of productivity and collaboration tools, Zoho is one of the world’s most prolific software companies. In 2017, Zoho introduced the revolutionary Zoho One, an integrated suite of applications for the entire business.


Why ZOHO Analytics?

Zoho Analytics enables you to analyze data from a wide variety of data sources through the easy to use data connectors. Zoho Analytics provides powerful options to model and prepare your data. This enables you to structure, transform & clean your data set for effective and easy analysis & reporting. ZOHO Analytics Enables you to:

  • Advanced-Data Analytics Connectors (over 250+ data sources)
  • Data Preparation & Management
  • Variety of visualization tools.
  • Unified Business Insights
  • Collaborative Analytics
  • Data Storytelling

ZOHO Analytics - Dashboards App

Zoho Analytics is augumented with AI capabilities through Zia, a AI-powered analytical assistant. Zia Provides critical business insights in secounds through natural language processing capabilities via Ask Zia for conversation analytics, Zia Insights for automate insights, and more.

AI-Powered Assistant

A purpose built, immersive mobile app to access and explore the dashboards you have in Zoho Analytics. Creative gestures support inviting fluid interaction and analysis. Learn more about the Zoho Analytics Dashboards app.

Zoho Data Prep

Data Prep is an augmented self-service data preparation and pipeline service. It allows companies to ingest data from multiple data sources using tools including files, feeds, databases, data warehouses and REST APIs. Zoho can also ingest data direct from Snowflake, Dropbox, One Drive, Amazon Redshift and many databases, including SAP HANA, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server.



Access a full-fledged self-service BI & Analytics service hosted in Zoho cloud, with just a browser or mobile app. No upfront cost. Pay as you go in monthly subscriptions, no yearly lock-in.


Install Zoho Analytics behind your firewalls, in your own servers. Analyze your data in-house. Learn more about Zoho Analytics On-premise.

Extensibility & Elasticity

Zoho Analytics being a full-fledged, powerful and scalable analytics platform, allows developers and system integrators to develop and deploy custom analytics apps and integrations.


Choose to complement your analytics capabilities with a wide range of analytics apps available in our partner-driven Zoho Marketplace. Also available are domain-specific, purpose-built native analytics apps in third-party marketplaces. Learn more about Zoho Analytics by Schedule Consultation

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