• Assists medical practice to access accurate and actionable data that can easily be customized to suit particular healthcare needs.
  • Allow healthcare professionals to access important patient details from medical history, diagnosis, and previous treatment and then make an informed decision
  • The fast decision making reduces the health-related risks that can impact patients’ health
  • Improve the appointment scheduling, insurance verification, coding, and billing procedure
  • Hipaa Compliance

Solutions offered

  • Sales Performance Analytics
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Finance Analytics
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Application Modernization
  • Infra Modernization


  • To increase the company’s ability to respond to the evolving marketplace through enhanced speed and flexibility.
  • To collect and analyze customer data while enhancing differentiation.
  • To work effectively; retailers need one system working across stores (or even across national borders) to make sure the most effective use of stock and improve business processes.

Solutions offered

  • Sales Analytics
  • Finance Analytics
  • Inventory Management Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation & Analytics
  • Cloud Migration from Legacy System

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Reduce Cost & Improve margins
  • Increased accuracy in planning
  • Optimize operations to reduce costs
  • Prepare for future scenario

Solutions offered

  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Capacity Planing Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales & Operations Planning Insights
  • Predictive Model Building for Demand Forecasting

Media and Entertainment

  • Predicting the interest of the audience
  • Optimization and Monetization
  • Recognition of Audience Disengagement
  • Recognizing the role of the advertising

Solutions offered

  • Media Analysis and Reporting
  • Web & Mobile App development
  • Campaign management Solutions
  • Media and Entertainment Consulting
  • UX Designs
  • Content Management Systems


  • Ensure compliance and quality
  • Integration and collaboration with suppliers
  • Manage IoT devices
  • Application monitoring
  • Increase productivity

Solutions offered

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Warehouse Analytics
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • ERP & SCM
  • Sales Analytics

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