1. Data integration and modern BI with the ability to create data apps-all in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.
  2. Customizable, real-time and interactive self-service dashboards that can be personalized for every user- no coding required.
  3. Build custom apps on the Domo platform that can also be shared externally -whether you’re a novice or seasoned developer.
  4. Built in the cloud and easily connects to data from your other clouds, such as Snowflake or Redshift.
  5. Over 1,000 connectors to tap into cloud or on-premises systems-with the power to combine them easily using built-in, drag-and-drop ETL.
  6. Maintain control of all your data and users’ access to it with Domo’s centralized data governance tools.

The Challenge

In an electric vehicle, finding the gas station is difficult and as well as the availability port for the unit charging station in a few zones. If the plugging unit is not available for a few hours due to a rush. The customer got uncomfortable when they got more SLA.
The real-time data and logs on the location of charging stations are loaded to the Azure Data Factory. It enables us to ingest data from a variety of data sources. The massive amount of unstructured data from the Azure Data Factory is ingested into the Azure blob. Azure Databricks provides the latest versions of Apache Spark, Python, and MySQL. It helps in the way of Enabling you to seamlessly integrate with open-source libraries.
The successful completion of Big Data Analysis streams the data to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. In building Azure connector in Domo named Azure Synapse SQL connector helps to connect with the Database in Data Warehouse. The complete ETL process can be done using DOMO Magic ETL which has multiple data transformation methods. The transformed data are used for building visuals.

The Solution

A Domo application helps Tesla users to track the locations and get information on Tesla supercharger stations. The application involves real road network calculations and overlap estimates based on the average battery range of Tesla cars. This application needs integration with Domo Geo Analytics as it displays the supercharging stations on a map.
In the dashboard shown below, you can view stations in regions like North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. It also shows the status of chargers. You can make selections based on the region on this dashboard and the software will react as per the associations present between data values.

In another sheet of the application, a user can evaluate the average overlap percentage of supercharger stations and analyze relevant data for specific regions.

The Outcome

  1. These analyses give the entire charging station’s status and location ir the current region. It is easy to find out the availability of charging units and fuel availability in entire stations.
  2. Increase the productivity of the station units and get us the reality to reduce the SLA. We saw case studies on how Domo has helped these companies grow in terms of business and profits.
  3. The business intelligence capabilities of data analytics help companies see current and future trends and steer their business accordingly. Even though the customer will suffer.