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Dell Boomi is the first integration solution built in the cloud, to fully exploit the value of the cloud. Organizations of all sizes—from small businesses to the largest global enterprises—trust Dell Boomi. It connects any combination of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), cloud or on-premises applications. As an Authorized Boomi Partner, STREAMS Solution defines, builds, deploys, and manages the Boomi platform on behalf of its esteemed customer globally.

What is Dell Boomi?

Dell Boomi is a business unit acquired by Dell in 2010 that specializes in cloud-based integration, API management, and Master Data Management.

  • Dell Boomi AtomSphere is a multi-tenantcloud-based integration platform that facilitates data and application integration.
  • It is a leading iPaas that helps to create intuitive integration on the cloud.
  • This platform has a rich set of connectors to facilitate cloud, on-premises, and hybrid Integrations.

Boomi Services

  • Boomi AtomSphere Integration
    • iPaaS platform for on-premises, SaaS and PaaS application integration
      • GWC is an AtomSphere/ Molecules expert that uses its best-of-breed framework AURAS, sitting atop Boomi’s iPaaS for accelerated time to value
  • Boomi API Management
    • API strategy and governance for smooth digital service consumption
      • GWC draws on its extensive API experience to manage APIs through the entire lifecycle in a unified environment built around AURAS best practices
  • MDM Realization
    • Streamlining data sharing and establishing data assets through MDM
      • GWC helps build a foundational enterprise-wide data asset repository and then constructs an MDM repository for augmented data consistency and time to insight
  • Flow Automation
    • Improve your organizational collaboration through Boomi Flow, a simple & low code workflow platform
      • GWC has built a set of pre-defined enterprise components for accelerating Boomi flow implementations

    GWC Boomi Team Capabilities:

    • Boomi Specialized Enterprise Architect Team
    • Boomi Specialized Architects (Atom/ API/ Flow/ MDM)
    • Globally Distributed Integration Architects / Consultants (US, EMEA and APAC)
    • Globally Distributed Program Management Team
    • 10 + Dedicated Integration Specialists (the US, EMEA and APAC)

    Use Case:

    UNIFI SERVICES (DAL Global Services)

    Replacing a Celigo solution that lacked the scale and flexibility Unifi needed, Boomi powers seamless data exchange between ERP and CRM systems. Accurate, up-to-date information is saving the finance team from error-prone manual work.

    Business Goals

    The world’s leading aviation ground handling service provider, Unifi has grown rapidly, employing 25,000 personnel across 15 countries as enterprises continue to adopt its platform.
    Equipping finance and sales personnel with the right data to be more efficient and productive was a key priority. Unifi needed to streamline its order-to-cash process, improve financial reporting on customer accounts, and establish a single source of truth for finance and sales.

    Integration Challenges

    Unifi was using Celigo to integrate NetSuite OneWorld ERP and Salesforce CRM but found Celigo lacked the scale and flexibility to handle the growing complexity of integrations. Problems with data not syncing correctly and dissatisfaction with Celigo support also prompted Unifi to explore integration alternatives.
    Unifi also wanted to integrate its platform, which allows customers to build and manage social media campaigns, with NetSuite. The company was sceptical of Celigo’s ability to handle that integration without extensive custom coding.

    How Boomi Helped

    Boomi has streamlined order-to-cash processes at Unifi. The company can now pull both opportunity and final quote data into NetSuite for more detailed insights, eliminating error-prone manual work for accountants.
    Unifi has also connected NetSuite with its homegrown operational platform to enable financial reporting and analysis in NetSuite, rather than manually moving data from both systems into spreadsheets.
    And in future, Unifi plans to move NetSuite data into Salesforce to give sales reps better insights into customer invoicing and payments.


Boomi’s low-code integration platform gives Unifi fast, intuitive integration development with the flexibility to handle complex integration scenarios. With Boomi, Unifi has been able to streamline and automate business processes, eliminating previous manual work. Benefits realized include:

  • Accurate, up-to-date information in NetSuite to streamline finance
  • A single source of truth, saving accountants from manual data lookups
  • Unified NetSuite and Unifi data for financial reporting and analysis
  • 2x faster integration development compared to custom coding

How Do You Get Started with Boomi?

Before adopting Boomi, first look at where your company’s data is stored, how data is used, stakeholder needs, and address any compliance and data governance concerns. One of our Cloud Experts can help you get started and decide if Boomi’s right for your organization. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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