Reimaging customer loyalty using Looker Platform

INDUSTRY: Retail & E-commerce
LOCATION: USA and Canada.


The Challenge

For retail and e-commerce companies, the crucial key performance indicators are linked to orders, customers, & website visitor behaviour. All functions teams were heavily dependent on the Data Analytics team for insights on all core metrics. Creating reports on excel would take hours if not more to churn data, limiting the productivity of the Data team.
To outpace their competitors, the client required automated (BI) reports helping them make faster, better, and smarter business decisions.

The Solution

Looking into all these aspects, GWC created multiple dashboards using Looker – an automated BI solution tool.

  • Cohort analysis created with the help of Looker Blocks drastically reduced the time that was required for generating reports helping them make quick decisions.
  • As these planned reports took at least one year with 10 resources, GWC created 100+ reports created with two resources within Eight months of the period.

Vital KPIs in the dashboards and looks:

  • Total orders
  • Average order value (AOV)
  • Attributed marketing channel
  • period-over-period comparisons
  • Customers and cohorts
  • Weekly and Monthly active customers
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Time since last order
  • Cohort spend/units/orders

Key Results

Adopting modern BI solutions helped them make faster business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
Creating a single source of truth benefitted functional teams, to find detailed self-service and customized reports, which empowered them to make better decisions and achieve their retail and e-commerce business goal.


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