Tableau is a leading data visualization solution that will change the way you think about data. GWC’s Tableau consulting experts will help you easily connect to your data, create impactful visualizations, and share them across your organization — so you can discover opportunities faster.

Enter Tableau Software Consulting

As one of the leading data visualization solution providers, Tableau delivers innovative software that helps you more quickly and easily gain actionable insights from your vast data. By seamlessly connecting all your data sources — Oracle, SQL Server, Redshift, PostgreSQL, Google Analytics and BigQuery, Vertica, Hadoop, Salesforce, CSV/Text/Excel, and more — Tableau enables you to:

  • More deeply explore your data​
  • Discover and share insights quickly​
  • Spot trends and outliers​
  • Identify opportunities and threats​
  • Answer in-depth questions​
  • Create interactive presentations​
  • Tell stories through data and narration​
  • Make data-guided decisions
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Analyze Data and Get Insights Faster with Tableau

Static data tables and charts are dead. You need visual analytics to more quickly gain insights in a simple and meaningful way. When your data is transformed into a visual story, it becomes intuitive, engaging, and useful

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Tableau Consulting Expertise Delivered by GWC

As a certified Tableau Consulting partner, GWC has the experience and expertise to help you get the most out of your Tableau investment. Our Tableau Certified Professionals have advanced knowledge and skills in Tableau Desktop and the ability to apply visual analytics methodologies to help you see and understand data. Our Tableau Qualified Associates offer technical expertise and a comprehensive understanding of Tableau functionality to ensure the tool is addressing your business needs Schedule consultation to know more.