Successful business intelligence (BI) requires the ability to harness data for better decision making that helps your organization evolve and drive greater Results. Microsoft Power BI consulting services From GWC is the key to unlocking your potential.

What can Microsoft Power BI Consulting Do for You?

Power BI puts you — the business leader — in control of your data analysis and reporting, versus waiting for your IT group or other technical resources to run complex queries and reports that often are difficult to understand. With Power BI consulting expertise, you’ll be able to quickly and easily extract and present your data in a meaningful way to drive.

  • Accelerate and improve your decision making​
  • Optimize your internal business processes​
  • Increase your operational efficiency​
  • Drive new sales, revenues, and profitability​
  • Increase your competitive advantage​
  • Identify market trends and opportunities​
  • Discover business problems to address
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What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to help your organization analyze data and share insights. Leveraging rich data visualization with self-service business intelligence capabilities, Power BI provides a 360-degree view for leaders like you, with your most important metrics in one place, updated in real-time, and available on all your devices.

With both desktop and mobile interfaces, as well as cloud-based services, Power BI enables you to:

  • Deliver insights throughout your organization
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources
  • Produce visually impactful, easy-to-read reports
  • Share information across web and devices
  • Create personalized dashboards
  • Reduce your dependency on IT
  • Securely scale across your enterprise
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Unify Your Data

Bring clarity to your mass of data by connecting you to what matters. No matter the source — on-premise or in the cloud — Power BI can unify all of your organization’s data with powerful import, ETL, and other data management capabilities.

See What Matters

Create and share visually appealing dashboards and reports for delivering actionable insights to key stakeholders. With a single click, you can drill deeper into the data to easily find answers to important business questions.

Follow BI Path to Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark by Schedule Consultation GWC’s Power BI consultants are ready to help you gain real insights, in real-time, with self-service business intelligence.