About Us

At Global WeConnect (GWC) Technologies, Our BI consultants solve versatile BI challenges related to industry regulations and evolving standards of enterprise analytics and reporting. Our experts identify BI requirements, as well as evaluate an existing data architecture and technical environment. We can tune your systems to incorporate critical data and analytics, providing maximum effectiveness of resource utilization, transparency, innovative business models and data monetization.

  • Operating ethically, communicating effectively, and completing projects on schedule.
  • Optimize the quality and cost-effectiveness of IT operations.
  • Offers consultancy on holistic and processes to ensure tangible business outcomes.

Our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and intellectually superior consulting allows our clients to look forward and plan.

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Our Vision

GWC analytics isn’t your everyday data analytics service provider. We aim to deliver a custom solution that’s made to fit your business’ needs. Our data engineers and architects seek to add the human touch to an otherwise AI-backed insight derivation process. Doing so, we help businesses find the data relevant to their needs. Thereafter, we work hand-in-glove with our customers to provide them an end-to-end data management solution.


Our Mission

To empower small businesses with the power of crystal clear data, enhancing everyday decision making and boosting creativity.


Industry we serve

Supply Chain

For supply-chain efficiency, accuracy, and timely deliveries in the healthcare industry, a seamless data analytics experience is a must - something GWC’s custom solutions provide in the best possible way.


Data-driven decisions are the key to customer retention and acquisition in an competitive industry like retail. GWC’s custom BI solutions for retail make sure you get the right information from the sea of data on your customers.

Manufacturing & CPG

GWC can help your business increase manufacturing efficiency by designing custom analytics solutions that specify key metrics such as time lags, vendor spend, etc.


Complex numbers and tough insights dictate the finance industry. GWCs custom data analytics solutions for fintech businesses help quicken decision making and reduce errors.

Energy & Utility

We help in creating omnichannel digital experience platforms, data processing and machine learning solutions, and knowledge management systems.

Media, Hi-Tech & Telecom

Media companies typically deal with immense data volume. Sorting through this data and deriving worthy insights is a challenge GWC experts are well trained to handle.

Supply Chain

We help in designing and building data and analytics solutions that help companies gain end-to-end visibility of supply chain activity so they can operate leaner, be more resilient, and boost profitability.

Life Science

We help in using their data from research, clinical trials, the production line, sales details, and customers to drive progress, improve sales, fuel innovation, and bring ideas to life.

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Our Leadership


Naveen Kumar
Founder & CEO


Subash Ramu
VP, Analytics


Brahma AM
Chief Delivery Officer


Madhu Sudhanan
VP, Data-Engineering


Amar Biradar
Senior Sales Manager


Abinaya Sindhu
HR Manager